How to Save Money on Hearing Aids

Two of the biggest misconceptions about hearing aids that people have is that they are all the same and that you should search for the best bargain you can find. These misconceptions are dangerous because they can guide you to devices that are cheaply made and can be less effective.

Even with a smaller budget, you can still afford reliable hearing aids—it is possible! Rather than letting misinformation discourage you, take the advice of a professional. My name is Meg Kalady, and I have my doctorate in audiology. Here are my tips for saving money on hearing aids.

1. Actively Care for Your Ears

Any audiologist will tell you that the best way to save money on hearing aids is to stay vigilant about your hearing health. Many people have noise-induced hearing loss and do not realize it because it develops slowly over time. Many of my patients’ hearing loss began at a frequency where they could still hear some speech sounds. Because of this, they might not have had difficulty understanding conversations at first. However, as exposure to noise continued over the years, their hearing worsened, severely impairing their ability to understand speech.

Yearly hearing exams may help us catch hearing problems early. Even if you do not have hearing loss, obtaining a hearing evaluation can still benefit you because it gives you the opportunity to discuss your likelihood of needing hearing aids in the future, especially if you are a borderline hearing aid candidate.

2. Buy from a Trusted Source

Many patients have come to my office disappointed by a device they purchased from a large retailer or from a discounted service their insurance provided. Many times, patients do not familiarize themselves with the seller, and this leads them to trust products that may not be best for them.

For you to have success with your purchase, first learn about the company and the people who will be fitting you. At Kalady Audiology, we always counsel patients about their hearing loss and whether hearing aids would benefit them.

You want to work with an audiologist that you and others trust—one who will focus on your needs rather than on making a sale. The last thing I want for you or your loved one is to purchase a hearing aid that is a waste of money.

“Don’t buy off the TV or the internet,” says Laurel Christensen, chief audiology officer at GN Hearing, a hearing aid manufacturer. “This is a health issue, and you do need to see a professional.”

3. Use HSA, FSA, and Financing Options

Not all insurance plans or providers offer hearing aid insurance, but if you have any HSA or FSA dollars set aside, we can help you use them efficiently with no out-of-pocket cost. At Kalady Audiology, we also offer financing (Wells Fargo, Care Credit) and leasing options.
These options can save you some serious money since traditional loans or credit cards charge a high-interest rate!

4. Hearing Aid Wellness Program

You spent a lot of money investing in your hearing aids. You want to protect that investment for years to come. This program helps you maintain consistent hearing to your brain and saves you money. You will receive the services you need to keep your hearing aids functioning optimally for your hearing needs as well as keeping your ears clean. This is unique because this membership plan can be used for anyone with hearing aids, whether they are in the manufacturer’s warranty or out of warranty. It does not matter if the hearing aids were purchased in our office or somewhere else.

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Meg Kalady, Au.D.

Audiologist | Dr. Cliff Approved Provider

Dr. Meg Kalady is from the Philadelphia suburbs and has been practicing audiology for the last 30 years. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and she received her doctorate in audiology in 2012 from AT Still University.

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