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APD Evaluation

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a neurological disorder that affects the way the brain processes sound. It’s not a hearing problem—someone with APD can still hear sounds, but they have difficulty understanding or interpreting them correctly. This can lead to problems in communication, academic achievement, and social relationships. 

People with APD may experience difficulty following verbal instructions, distinguishing between similar sounding words, or remembering what they heard. They may also have trouble understanding conversations in noisy environments or recognizing subtle changes in pitch or inflection when someone is speaking to them. These difficulties are usually more severe if the person has an additional learning disability such as dyslexia or ADHD. 


APD is typically diagnosed by an audiologist who will use a variety of tests and questionnaires to assess the patient’s hearing, memory, language skills, and other factors.  The testing is conducted with a sound booth and a two-channel audiometer. This allows different words and sentences to be presented simultaneously to the two ears. The audiologist will evaluate the patient’s ability to complete a variety of auditory tasks.


The goal of the therapies includes retraining the brain, attempt to improve its ability to detect and process sounds and teach remediation strategies.

Treatment usually involves a combination of these strategies including speech therapy, psychological counseling, educational intervention, acoustic training, and auditory aids such as FM systems or hearing aids.  

Kalady Audiology is now providing Evaluation of Auditory Processing Disorder.  Treatment will be coming soon!

Call today with any questions or to schedule your central auditory processing evaluation.

If you’d like to learn more about central auditory processing disorder, Dr. Teri James Bellis has an excellent book about this topic, entitled “When the Brain Can’t Hear”.

Meg Kalady, Au.D.

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Dr. Meg Kalady is from the Philadelphia suburbs and has been practicing audiology for the last 30 years. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, and she received her doctorate in audiology in 2012 from AT Still University.

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Dr. Kalady is amazing! I have been wearing hearing aids for 12 years (since my late 50's) and I have never had such an extensive, thorough examination. In addition to being very professional she is also a very good listener. She "hears" your problems and strives to find the very best fit for your hearing needs. It is amazing the adjustments she can make that improve my hearing and give me confidence. I had resigned myself to accepting that my hearing would be a handicap in social situations, missing a lot of what was being said and unable to be a part of the conversations. With her help I can now be a participant again! I highly recommend Kalady Audiology. She's a gem!

Mickey G. of BeaufortRead more Google reviews

I have had diminished hearing for several years, but was unable to get a satisfactory answer about improving it. My GP recommended Kalady Audiology to me.  Dr. Kalady  did a thorough job of testing my hearing and spent a more than adequate amount of time to explain the various options. I have been using the hearing aids  for several months now and I have found that,  not only is my hearing better, but I no longer have to "drop out" of conversations because I don't want to constantly interrupt and ask for someone to repeat everything. An  excellent experience at the office and definitely a better quality of life.   I highly recommend her.

I’m so glad I used Kalady Audiology for my hearing needs. Dr. Kalady's ability to be fully aware of what my needs were made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Another very important point I’d like to make is that she uses “Best practices” to fit hearing aids. Whoever is reading this please google “best practices” for fitting of hearing aids. Dr. Kalady is the only audiologist I was able to find who does this. It’s extremely important in my opinion. Thank you so much Dr. Kalady. I’m so glad I used your services!!

I am completely stunned by how well I can hear with my new hearing aids. I never thought I would ever hear this well. I can hear clearly everything that is said on TV [men or women] and at a very low volume. My wife is absolutely thrilled with my ability to hear her and the low volume on the TV. My sports car has a totally different sound than it had with my old aids. My old aids made everything sound loud, but it was hard to understand what was being said. Dr. Kalady is the best!

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