What Is Real-Ear Measurement?

Our real-ear measurement process tests the hearing aid fit with a probe microphone. We insert a flexible tube alongside your hearing aid and run tests using this probe microphone and real-ear measurement software, with the results showing what you should be hearing compared to how your hearing aid is actually performing. The results are not estimates or general measurements; these graphs are based on the real-time, real-ear output of your new hearing aids. Using this data, we make small adjustments that can have a profound effect on your hearing experience.


How does Live Speech Mapping Work?

A tiny probe microphone is placed in your ear canal along with the hearing device. Then, your spouse or other “familiar voice” reads a paragraph to you. Using this microphone, we are able to measure precisely what sounds your hearing aids are producing at your eardrum and how your current settings are processing the speech of your companion. We can then see on the computer screen exactly where that speech is falling within your audible range, and we will adjust your devices accordingly.
Graph of live speech mapping

Why is Live Speech Mapping Important?

Once we know what parts of speech are not being transmitted properly, we can reprogram your hearing system to better balance the speech sounds that you need to hear! It’s a level of customization that few hearing care clinics can match: actually programming your devices to the specific voice you want — and need — to hear every day. If you haven’t experienced Live Speech Mapping and would like to hear the voice of your companion better, we highly recommend scheduling a visit to see how this amazing diagnostic procedure can help you hear even better.

To learn more about Real-Ear Measurements or Live Speech Mapping, contact Kalady Audiology today.